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Happy 80th birthday

Pullman Court!

On Saturday, July 2, residents of Pullman Court turned out in force to mark the 80th birthday of the estate. Marquee tents were set up from early morning, balloons blown up and bunting strung from block to block.

The first organised event of the day was a challenge for the younger members of the Pullman community to help build a model of the estate, complete with balconies and some jaunty windows.

Then came the Grand Pullman Court Bake Off. Keen bakers had been working feverishly for weeks – with the odd glance across balconies and in windows at their rivals – to produce the best cakes, some modelled on the buildings.

 Competition was tough, and the unanimous verdict was that they were all delicious, with most consumed before there was a chance for too much rivalry.

Games were provided in the form of an outdoor table-tennis event, while close by, many residents put themselves on the map – literally – by adding a coloured pin to the large world map to show where they were from: turns out Pullman Court is a mini United Nations, with residents hailing from six continents.

The birthday event, held in the manicured gardens of the back block, suffered from the odd torrential shower, but partygoers were not to be put off on such an important occasion. And all the events helped work up a good appetite for some sizzling food from the barbecue.

The highlight of the day was an organised trip to the roof of the back block, which offered a spectacular view of London. Then came the chance to sing Happy Birthday to the grand old estate, and raise a glass or two to Frederick Gibberd, the architect, who no doubt would have been delighted that his 1936 project was being celebrated in a new century.

Thanks go out to Vivien, Nick, Konrad and the members of the organising committee, along with supporters Prior Estates Ltd, Tannen Group, Bagnalls, Hayball & Co and RA Management, and everybody who attended.

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