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When Pullman Court was built it attracted a great deal of interest from the architectural magazines of the day. The publications commissioned some very high quality architectural photography and produced extensive spreads containing lots of detail about the build. These images are a selection of scans from publications such as the Architects' Journal, Building magazine, and from Sir Frederick Gibberd’s own book – The Modern Flat. The publications can be found in the Architectural Press Archive/RIBA Collections.

From The Architects' Journal, 1936-7
Architectural Journal, 1936-7
From The Architectural Review, 1936
Architectural Review, 1936
From the publication Building, 1936
Building, 1936
From The Parthenon, 1936
The Parthenon, 1936
From The Modern Flat, 1937
The Modern Flat, 1937
From The Architecture of England, 1938
The Architecture of England, 1938
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