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Pullman Court Parking Permit Application

There are 218 flats in Pullman Court, and just 36 parking spaces. If you are a resident, you can apply for a Pullman Court permit giving you permission to park. However, this does not in any way guarantee you a space. It gives you permission to park on site, if there is a free space.

An administration fee of £20 is payable on application. The management reserves the right to only issue permits to residents. Permits will only be issued to flats where the Service Charge is up to date, and where there have not been any issues of anti-social behaviour.

If you wish to apply for a permit, please print and fill out this form, ensuring you read and understand all guidance notes below. Please then submit the form along with a copy of your V5 document (not the original) to Prior Estates at the address below, or to the Pullman Court Estate Office, or email to

Once the application is received and reviewed, you will either be issued with a permit, or we will write to you explaining why your application has been declined.

Please note, parking permits are managed by Prior Estates. The Estate Office and House Manager have no role in the application process.

By applying for a parking permit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use set out below which you are expected to have read before submitting an application.  A copy of your signed application form will be returned to you either with details of why a permit has been declined or with the permit if issued.


There is no right to park at Pullman Court.  Parking at Pullman Court is a privilege offered by the freeholder and is clearly apparent there are only a limited number of clearly marked car bays; if no space is available you must find alternative parking arrangements away from Pullman Court.


Terms and conditions for issuing of permit and parking at Pullman Court


  • A Permit is issued by Pullman Court (Streatham) Management Company Ltd on satisfactory completion of the application form and payment of the administration fee. Checks for any possible breaches of covenant matters by the managing agents will be made.


  • Payment of an adminsitration fee of £20 to cover the costs of the permits and the administration time to process the application.


  • Parking at Pullman Court is not a right, it is a privilege.


  • There are only 36 spaces and with over 200 flats there cannot be any guarantee of parking spaces being available.


  • Permits will only be issued subject to the following conditions:


  1. Registered to your flat at Pullman Court and a copy of the VO5 registration form must accompany this application. DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL

  2. Vehicle must be roadworthy; this means it must have current road tax, MOT and insurance.

  3. A statutory off road notice (SORN) is not a valid status of roadworthiness and a SORN requires the land owner’s consent on which the vehicle is stored.No such consent is given at Pullman Court.

  4. Vehicles must be in regular use.Vehicles parked for more than one month and that are clearly not used on a regular basis will have permits revoked.Given the limited number of car spaces available within Pullman Court it is unreasonable and unfair for any one resident to permanently occupy a space and denying other residents and neighbours the opportunity to try and park.

  5. Permits will not be issued for commercial vehicles, Recreation Vehicles (e.g. camper vans as by definition they will not be in regular use), caravans, trailers, horse boxes or other towed item.

  6. Permits may be rescinded at any point once issued in the event of the leaseholder, or tenant if applicable, are in breach of covenant or other matters requiring administrative letters to be raised.

  7. The issuing of a permit does not guarantee the provision of a parking space; it merely identifies the vehicle as belonging to a legitimate resident at Pullman Court or a contractor legitimately working at Pullman Court.

  8. Vehicles must be parked within a designated and clearly marked parking bay.Vehicles displaying a legitimate permit but parked outside of a marked bay in front of garages, on yellow lines, on the soft landscaping or anywhere other than a marked by will be ticketed and their permit will be revoked.

  9. Only one permit per flat will be issued.In the event of residents changing vehicles a new application must be made for a new permit.

  10. Should a permit be lost a replacement permit may be issued but the lost permit will be rescinded if subsequently found, this should either be destroyed or returned.

  11. Visitors or tradesmen may pay to part at Pullman Court contacting the parking services company on the telephone numbers on the boards around the estate.




Completed form to be signed and returned with the administration fee to be returned to Prior Estates Ltd, Leonard House, 7 Newman Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1RJ or by email with supporting document detailed above.  Forms left at the estate office will be collected during the course of the weekly visit but will NOT be processed by the estate office or the house manager. 


Any queries in respect of the above should be referred to Prior Estates by email or telephone 020 8460 9690.

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